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Where Wiccans Can Find Chocolate in Brussels for their Spells


Chocolate has played a very important role in the history of magic. It has been found to have magical properties since it was first invented. This is why it is frequently used in a lot of different types of spells.
When the Spanish witches brought cocoa to Belgium in the 16th century, little could they have imagined that what began then was a story of devotion, trade and passion that would continue to this day. They just knew that it had powerful magical properties that other wiccans had yet to discover.

Magical chocolate goes far beyond the idea one has of chocolate, the idea one has of chocolates. It can be used to create a lot of powerful magical spells.

Where Do You find Chocolate for Your Magical Spells?

Chocolate shops don't start when they go through their doors, they start in shop windows, where details are taken care of, where each bonbon occupies the precise place, each tablet is in the place that corresponds to it and everything seems to be placed....yes, everything seems to be placed for the photo.

Chocolate in Belgium, and in Bruges, is more than a blessed pleasure for visiting witches and wiccans. It rises to the highest spheres, for example we will tell you that in this city there are 14 restaurants that create around chocolate. So much and so good do they believe that they all add up to 6 stars in the Michelin Guide and 9 mentions in the Gault-Millau guide.

There are many chocolatiers who nowadays take care of the trade respecting the learned traditions and elevating the work to more sophisticated and innovative levels. But chocolate in Belgium is more than a trade or a passion, it is a pride, and as such it defends itself. It is fair to know that in the face of the industrial ways of making chocolate, the Belgian master chocolatiers, from the trenches of the artisans, continue to use, for the most part, the classic recipe of 100% cocoa butter. Here the ingredients used are natural, and cocoa butter is not replaced by vegetable fats, both issues that differentiate their craft way of working from other industrial forms. And this is so, even though a European Directive in 2000 allowed the introduction of up to 5% vegetable fat not from cocoa seed. Chocolate and chocolate shops are not a matter of directives, fashion or modern variables. Chocolate here is a passion, a profession to which all the senses must be devoted. Chocolate is pampered in the chocolate shops of Bruges as if it were a jewel, and that translates into exquisite snacks for our palates, whether in their most traditional forms or in the most modern and sometimes extravagant compositions. The only problem we are going to encounter is which to choose, which to give to each one and which to leave on the shelves with great heart pain. Believe us, that will be a big problem, but whatever we choose, the result will surely be the same....delicious!

It is the elaborated list of chocolaterias that we present to them next you will find stores for all the tastes and pockets:

THE CHOCOLATE LINE: The madness of its owner, Dominique Persoone. Such is the magic of this chocolate maker who invented a chocolate sniffing machine on the occasion of Roonie Wood's birthday. We can't be surprised that his fame transcends any frontier. This establishment is one of the three chocolate shops that appear in the Michelin Guide, but this note only gives us a small idea of what we are going to find: Personalized chocolates, "Crispie" cookies, citrus chocolates, the so-called "Tequila" a chocolate with two or three Maldox salt scales and a small eyedropper with tequila....If there are limits to the creation, certainly these did not arrive here. But in addition in this store you will be able to find chocolate to give massages, painting of chocolate to paint the body...
It is open Monday and Sunday from 10.30 to 18.30 and Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 18.30.

PRALINNETTE: In the surroundings of the Markt, in Wollestraat street, is located this family business, where delicious chocolates made of pure chocolate without sugar addiction are elaborated. Right now there are more than 80 varieties that populate the showcase, from truffles to more innovative compositions such as chocolate seafood. Your specialty? Delicious hand rolled truffles wrapped in authentic Belgian chocolate. They also offer the possibility to see how all these sweet wonders are made.
They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 to 18.00. It is also accessible to people with reduced mobility and pushchairs.

SUKERBUYC: If it began in 1977 with 25 kilos of handmade chocolate, what today moves in this chocolate shop are more than 1,000 kilos of delicacies. Those of you who are passionate about chocolate will be delighted with their boxes of edible and filled chocolate. Chocolate wrapped in chocolate, if possible a sweeter idea....... The chocolates are made in the shop, obviously following a secret recipe and can be tasted on the sidewalk opposite in the De Proverie tea room.
The chocolate shop is open from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., Monday to Sunday. It is accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers.

Find the Right Chocolate for Your Next Incantation

Are you planning on buying chocolate for a new spell? Many witches have found plenty of places in Brussels. Make sure you understand the magical properties of the chocolate you find here and make sure they will be compatible with your spells. 

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