Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A fantastic spell of seduction

Love is an important area in our lives, those who already have it are fortunate, but for those who still seek it, here we tell you rituals and amulets to call the love of your life: Find love: It is more effective if you do it at full moon, it is also important that you believe in what you do and concentrate, remember that energy plays a very important role. You need a white, orange and red candle, roses, orange blossom water, an amethyst stone and ground cinnamon. Place the orange candle on the left side, the white candle in the center and on the right side the red candle, around the candles make a circle with the petals of the roses and sprinkle the orange blossom water. Sit and put in front of you the amethyst or any other semiprecious stone and throw the ground cinnamon on it. Wait until the candles are consumed and keep the stone, always carry it with you. Lemon for love:   The lemon, although it is acid, is an excellent element to attract and maintain love and happiness, this ritual is very simple to do. You need three small lemons that are green and not so yellow and a glass for wine, you must put the three lemons inside the empty glass (that's why they must be small) and put the glass inside your room, the lemon calls for love. Change the lemons when they begin to turn yellow, keep in mind that they should always be 3 or maximum 5 lemons, but in odd number. Honey and Cinnamon for Seduction: Love and seduction always go hand in hand, so this simple ritual is ideal to attract love to your life, perform it in a crescent moon, set the ritual with soft and romantic music. You need a cup of water, four spoons of honey, four spoons of cinnamon powder, one pink candle, one white and one red, five drops of your perfume and a sandalwood incense. Mix the water, honey, cinnamon and drops of your perfume, light candles and incense, bathe normally and at the end, pour the mixture of water on the shoulders and let it fall all over the body, wait a few minutes to dry and then rinse the body commonly, it is important that in your mind you have only positive things so that your energy also plays an important role. Repeat this ritual once a month.

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